Covid 19

These are the current protocol and safeguards that will be put in place for your and our protection.
1. Everyone must wear a mask in the store. If you can't wear a mask for medical reasons, we can offer you curbside pickup.
2. Maintain a 6’ distance between you and other customers and staff as much as possible.
3. There is a 5 customer limit for a store of our size, so shop solo, and please try to conduct your business in a timely fashion
4. You will need to use hand sanitizer in the store before trying out instruments
5. Each instrument you try will need to be sanitized after you try it, so please limit the number of instruments you try.
6. Repairs and restrings will need to be “quarantined” before they are worked on, so plan on extra time. There will be no “while you wait” or “on the spot” repairs or restrings at this time.
7. At this time, our restrooms will not be open to the public.
These are big changes, and will take some adjustments, so let’s all try to be engage with patience. Thank you, and welcome back! The staff and management at Buckdancer's Choice